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Shelving Racks

Versatile shelving racks designed for light, medium, and heavy-duty loads, offering modular configurations for systematic material storage.

Shelving racks manufacturers can be applied in any environment from industrial to warehousing. It is designed from light, medium and heavy duty racks loads from 230kgs to 3000kgs udl / level. Standard and modular items aare provided for shelving, the modulars come in different height, length and depth to systematically store your material as per your needs. uprights are punched in slots, horizontal beams that are held with formed brackets, brackets are matched with slots can be moved easily to adjust different height to accommodate different sizes.diagional & horizontal bracing are bolted to the upright. Decking panels are fitted on the horizontal beams. It is very easy t to instal and helps in using the storage area by creating more space to the maxium extend

Advantages :

  • Easy to assembly
  • Structure is reasonable
  • Makes full use of space
  • Load capacity more than: 1,000kg/layer
  • Height between layers is adjustable, so easy to storage and fetch

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Medium Duty

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