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Fifo Racks

Modular FIFO racks with wheeled railings for easy movement, ensuring first-in-first-out inventory management.

First in First out rack [fifo] with fifo racks storage system manufacturers in india bins are loaded in one end and are pushed back to the other end. For the bins to move wheeled railings are fitted. The rails are angled towards the load/unload side of the rack when removing the bin from the front position the remaining bins stages themselves forward so that the next bin is easily accessible.

Advantages :

  • Modular design on casters
  • Can be simply moved for replenishment
  • Modular and Mobile; can be moved to match converts in assembly program

Features :

  • It is custom built
  • Chuter rollers either plastic or metallic
  • Maintain first in first out
  • Used in assembly live in any engineering

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